Pomeranian Energy Days 2013

1_03 The Foundation has invited the Polish Heat Pump Association (Polskie Stowarzyszenie Pomp Ciepła), the PAN (Polska Akademia Nauk) Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery and the Baltic Eco-Energy Cluster. Through the duration of the Pomeranian Energy Days 2013 various devices using renewable energy sources were presented, such as heat pumps or infrared cameras. Those interested in the topic could find more information, advice, experimental studies and educa... Read more >

Nature and economy – the basics of a dialogue

1_11 The Pomeranian Nature Partnership is the effect of the project’s implementation, namely the co-operation of business institutions and a group of contractors. The contractors that joined the co-operation are running businesses on the Nature 2000 areas in the Pomeranian voivodship, or are planning to do so. There were four meetings with the contractors and one with the local governments within the project. As a Partnership leader, the Foundation’s tas... Read more >

SEA Energia

1_29 This is a Baltic industrial co-operation that was established during the Innovative Economy Operational Programme 5.1 in Pomeranian and West Pomeranian voivodships. It is supposed to serve the development of a unique tourist service, especially of spas based on eco-energetic innovations. Renewable energy sources and solutions protecting the natural environment are being used for this purpose. The official signing of partnership documents took place on 12th... Read more >

Pomeranian Energy Days

1_06 Energy efficiency and promotion of renewable energy sources through school education were the main topics of the exposition on the Foundation’s stand. We presented charts depicting examples of implementing a rational use of energy in various places and interactive educational games concerning the use of renewable energy sources. Consultations were held on energy efficiency by the Foundation’s experts in Energy Cafés http://www.pomorskie-eu.pl/pl ... Read more >

Be an active resident of the Pomeranian voivodship

1_17 Be an active resident of the Pomeranian voivodship - activating monitoring of the society’s completion of public task in order to reach the goals of the nation’s ecology policy and environment protection, based on a balanced development in the Pomeranian voivodship. The Project was developed by the Science-Technology Foundation ‘Gdańsk’ and our Foundation is its’ essential partner. The Project is adressed to the residents of the Pomeranian voivodship ... Read more >

Co2ol Bricks – Climate Change, Cultural Heritage & Energy Efficient Monuments

1_11 In the “Co2ol Bricks – Climate Change, Cultural Heritage & Energy Efficient Monuments” Project, within the “Priority no. 1: Supporting Innovations from the Baltic Sea Regions 2007 – 2013” programme, there are 18 partners from Germany, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Belorussia, Finland and Russia. The European Foundation for Monument Protection is a Polish partner, which invited experts from our Foundation to co-operation. One of t... Read more >

Respecting Energy without Borders – the co-operation between Poland and Ukraine based on Scandinavian principles

1_23 The “Respecting Energy without Borders – the co-operation between Poland and Ukraine based on Scandinavian principles” www.ebg.fpegda.pl project was implemented in Poland, Norway and in Ukraine between 2009 – 2012. It was based on Polish experience and Norwegian initiations in renewable energy sources usage and energy efficiency. The project was implemented in an international partnership represented by: Poland: Institute of Power Engeneering ... Read more >

Eco-development from the Sun to an Atom

1_02 - an exposition stand of the Foundation of Energy Saving in Gdańsk Young members co-operated with the Foundation in stand organization and work during the exposition. They were responsible for the creation of the Energy Calculator, putting robots together and presenting them during the Energy Days. Polish Electricians’ Associations studying at the Faculty of Electrical and Control Engineering of the Gdańsk University of Technology are at the same time rel... Read more >

Energy development of a municipality in harmony with nature

1_16 A project implemented in cooperation with, among others, IMP PAN (Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery - Polish Academy of Sciences), NOT in Tarnów, KTH (The Royal Institute of Technology) in Stockholm. There were 25 strategies of balanced energetics’ development devised for communes in the Pomeranian and Małopolskie voivodships within the project, along with field guidelines and policies for supporting various objectives and renewable energy source types. Th... Read more >

The Whole Energy within an Idea

1_03 A project created by a group of pupils, formed after the II edition of the BEN (Bogactwo Energetyczne Natury) competition, from a mechanical and computer complex of schools in Lębork (Zespół Szkół Mechaniczno-Informatycznych w Lęborku) in co-operation with our Foundation. The aim of this project was to discover together the energy resources through organizing tours, lectures and workshops for the pupils of upper-secondary schools in the Lębork district.... Read more >

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