Our aims

The aim of the Foundation of Energy Saving in Gdańsk is to:

  • spread the development in energy saving and the use of renewable energy sources, that would lead to reduction of a negative environmental impact and creation of institutional and financial bases for the accomplishing of this aim,
  • initiating social activities in this field,
  • practical implementation of projects and technology in co-operation with national and foreign institutions and organizations,
  • make a maximum use of the local energy sources,
  • improve the material living conditions of the region’s inhabitants and the economic condition of municipalities through energy saving and investing in the use of its renewable sources.

We act for the reasonable management of energy and support the use of its’ alternative sources, particularly focusing on the promotion of energy-efficient solutions that are friendly to the environment

Through among others:

  • formulating audits and studies on energy economy,
  • preparing feasibility studies concentrating on modernization and investments in power and heat engineering.

Education and training activities directed at:

  • local governments
  • power industry workers
  • learning environments (teachers, students)
  • local societies

Our donors