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The Foundation of Energy Saving in Gdańsk concentrates on the co-operation of both the industry and the environment of scientific research represented by the Gdańsk University of Technology, and energy consumers from the very start of its’ activity.

Through the years of the Foundation’s activity, it co-operated, and still co-operates, with the largest industry enterprises functioning on the area of the Tricity and the Pomeranian voivodship. Among such enterprises are: Elektrociepłownia Wybrzeże, Gdańskie Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej, Okręgowe Przedsiębiorstwo Energetyki Cieplnej in Gdynia, Stocznia Północna and Stocznia Remontowa in Gdańsk, Grupa Stoczni Gdynia (Stocznia Gdańsk and Stocznia Gdynia), Pomorska Spółka Gazownictwa in Gdańsk (previously PGNiG), ENERGA, Petrobaltic and Energobaltic in Gdańsk, Sour Neptun Gdańsk, Zakład Unieszkodliwiania Odpadów in Gdynia, Zakład Utylizacji Odpadów in Szadółki and almost all the heat power enterprises working on the area of the Pomeranian voivodship.

The Foundation of Energy Saving in Gdańsk co-operates with both the engeneering staff (experts and specialists in energetics, heat engeneering, energy planning, renewable energy sources), and specialists connected to the University and the environment of scientific research.

Experts co-operating with the Foundation posses specialized theoretical knowledge and a vast scientific output and experience in energetics, the best way of using energy and respecting it, including the renewable energy sources. Those in constant co-operation with the Foundation can be praised for their numerous rewards awarded for their audits on energetics by the Energetics Auditors Association (Zrzeszenie Audytorów Energetycznych) with their registered office in Warsaw.

The Energetics Auditors Association has awarded the experts from Gdańsk in constant co-operation with the Foundation the title of the best audit on energetics for the following: an audit on energetics concerning multifamily buildings in 2002, an audit concerning public utility buildings in 2004 and an audit on heat sources in 2003.

Within the co-operation mentioned before the Foundation has created a data base concerning both the technical state of many plants and the designs of their modernization. Additionally, the Foundation possesses a vast data base on the needs and energy plannings of many large cities and communes in the Pomeranian voivodship. The data collected came from the elaborations produced since 1998 named “Draft guidelines to plans for providing heat, electric energy and gaseous fuels for the city/commune”.

It should be emphasized that at that time the Foundation has created nearly 40 plans concerning energy for cities and rural municipalities, including the cities of the Pomeranian voivodship: Gdynia, Wejherowo, Chojnice, Lębork, Rumia, Reda, Sztum, Kartuzy, Władysławowo, Skarszewy, Czersk, Prabuty, Nowy Staw and the biggest municipalities in the voivodship, such as: Chojnice, Wejherowo, Luzino, Łęczyce, Puck, Krokowa, Stegna and other. The Foundation has also made several amendments to elaborations in the years 1998 – 2001 of the “Draft guidelines…” concerning the towns of Rumia and Mława and the Sztutowo municipality.

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