Identifying smart specializations in Pomerania – technological convergence

konwergencja-technologicznaAn Ltd company Respublic sp. z o.o. has undertaken a project at the request of the Pomeranian Marshal Office (Pomorski Urząd Marszałkowski) called

‘Identifying smart specializations in Pomerania – technological convergence’.

The aim of this project is to analyse the economic capital of the Pomeranian region and indicate potential areas of co-operation between the representatives of various professions and environments.

This formulated study will help stakeholders determine the possibilities of development and indicate smart specializations for the region.
The following key trade areas of the Pomeranian economy are a starting point for the objective study:

  1. ICT;
  2. Ecological power engineering and environment;
  3. Business/off-shore/BPO services;
  4. The light chemical industry and biotechnology;
  5. The creative sector (education, research are included);
  6. Logistics and marine transport/industry;
  7. Building industry;
  8. Sport, recreation and tourism;
  9. The automotive industry;
  10. Furniture making;
  11. Clothing industry;
  12. Food processing.

Various studies are carried out in order to prepare a reliable analysis, such as: the desk research analysis, a study using the Delphi method, individual in-depth interviews (IDI), focus group interviews (FGI) and workshops. A seminar presenting the results of the prepared study is planned at the end of the project.

People representing companies, the scientific community, local and regional councils, non-governmental organizations, business connected institutions, vocational schools and the Superintendent of Schools Office are invited to participate in the workshops. The aim of these workshops is to indicate and develop the posible areas of co-operation between the representatives of various professions and environments.

The workshops will take place on the 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th February (the date may be chosen) between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. in the Gdańsk Science and Technology Park (Gdański Park Naukowo-Technologiczny, Gdańsk, ul. Trzy Lipy 3). Participation in the workshops will create a chance to influence the directions of Pomerania’s development.

Participation in the workshops is free of charge. The registration form may be found at:

Please contact Mr Mariusz Wieczorek for further information by phone (22 630 98 34) or e-mail (

Representatives of all of the above mentioned trades and environments are welcome to co-operate for the completion of the project.

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